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3D Print: Filament Remaining Quantity Estimate

Typically when we do 3D printing, the slicer program shows the time and mass required to do the current print. However one thing is missing: do I have sufficient filament on the spool to do that?


  • Click on the turning E3d logo on the header row to access the actual calculation for further customization.
  • Click on the Eye button in the toolbar to switch to the concise version that shows mainly the inputs and outputs without the intermediate calculations.
  • Importantly, whether we realize it or not, 3D printing predominantly uses metric units. This eliminates the challenges of fractional formatting found in feet and inches and the difficulties in expressing minute measurements in imperial units. As a result, all units in the calculations below are metric. However, if needed, you can quickly switch to other units using the dropdown list provided for each quantity.

Here is the calculation to help out:

Container Height:   

Released under the MIT License.