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AutoCalcs Library

Calculations Beyond Unit Conversion


Search calculations in public space; Registered users can search in private library as well.


Create your own UCUC style calcs, virtually apps, easily. Just Add/ Delete/ Drag&Drop input & output quantities.


Save your calculations to the cloud; Registered users can save private calcs.


Each saved calculation will have a unitque URL allowing it to be shared.

Explicit Expressions

User can create intuitive explicit expressions like "Area = PI() * r^2", "S = v * t", which are easy to create and understand.

500+ Units in 60+ Categories

Most common used units and quantity categories available at your finger tip. Custom units can be used with no unit conversion automation.

Illustrative Images.

Images can be loaded from local files or pasted from clipboard.

Embeddable AutoCalcs.

UCUC calcs can be embedded into other websites headlessly.

Released under the MIT License.